Pausa Lab

Pause for thinking on solutions

We invite you to Pause for one day in your routine to think in a creative way.

We work with your team on a series of Design Thinking activities, mainly aimed at generating innovative ideas in a relaxed and stimulating environment.

We identify the problems that your organization is facing and find all possible solutions where Co-design can make a difference.

We evaluate with you the best solutions to adopt and the most convenient strategies for transforming this ideas into new projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this workshop for?

We want to collaborate with people, associations and NGOs that work in Social Projects with the objective of finding and designing together the best solutions to the real problems in which they are working.

The goal of the project is to prmote the real value of Design as a creative tool for solving concrete problems.

I must be a Designer?

Pausa Lab is a Design Project accesible to people from all backgrounds. One of the basic principles of Design Thinking is that anybody can have a good idea. We believe in the value of diversity as a tool for innovation.

What types of projects can we face?

Design Thinking is a method that allows finding solutions to any problem.
A key step of this method is to define the problem in a way that gives a specific diretion to move on, while leaving space for finding solutions that you didn’t imagine before.

In the end we should arrive to totally new solutions in which Design will play a key role while being co-designed between the client and the Pausa Design team of designers.

Whats the goal of Pausa Design?

Pausa Design aims to bring NGOs closer to the Design World.

Design is usually associated to commercial companies and luxury while forgetting that we can also work in more real and urgent problems in a very concrete way.

On the other hand NGOs have a lot of experience working on these urgente problems but they ususally lack the necessary tools for innovation.

Pausa Design wants to demonstrate that Design tools can be really useful if applied to this kind of projects.

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